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SOS Madagaskids appeal humanitarian action for Children

SOS Madagaskids action for Children appeal for helps, the organization work as it provides to children access to education, health and protection.

How to help Malagasy Children?

There are so many ways you can help create change that lasts a lifetime for children in Madagascar. Whether you are sponsoring a child or giving material gifts, your support can mean a world of difference for a child in need.

Donate to Children in Madagascar

Support SOS Madagaskids, donate to help children to survive and thrive. By your donation, you ensure that they and so many others can grow up healthy, educated and safe. Donation drives lasting change in children’s lives, families and communities. SOS Madagaskids will provide a multisectoral, integrated response to address the humanitarian needs of children and their families.

Become a donate

By your donation, you contribute to improving the quality of life of children and young people in the Morondava region and you join us in our pursuit of sustainable development for the country.

Join SOS Madagaskids and giving a girl or a boy a chance for a better future. We provide Malagasy children with opportunities to go to schools and receive a needful education which they deserve like any other children in the world.

Our actions, based on education, are long-term and it may take several years before beneficiaries have the capacity to manage their own development.

It is therefore essential for SOS Madagaskids to receive long-term support.

How you can know that the money you give will be properly used?

80% of funds raised are directly allocated to field missions. 20% of the funds are allocated to the running costs of the organization in Madagascar, all employees are Malagasy. SOS Madagaskids commits to transparency.

A financial report drafted by an accounting firm itemizing the allocation of donations received is be published at the end of each calendar year on our website

Thanks to your donation we will be able to support a specific child and provide him or her with an access to education. They will be able to attend school and receive all necessary school supplies.